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The College of Vibrational Medicine offers courses that promote self-awareness and spiritual empowerment by providing information and tools that reconnect you with your deepest inner truth and set you free to reach your highest potential.


All true healing comes from a change in consciousness

We live in a time that is unique and quite unlike any other that we have experienced before in our collective history on Earth. The waves of evolutionary energy that are now pulsing through the whole of our universe are affecting every kingdom of life on our planet. The higher collective consciousness of humanity is responding to this surge of new life force energy in a way not unlike the great awakening that happens in nature with the arrival of spring each year. Consequently the impulse to grow and evolve in consciousness is being felt by each of us as individuals in a way never before experienced by souls in physical incarnation with such magnitude and force. We are each a thread of light, a part of the pattern of creation from which, and through which a new collective reality is being woven. This is now the critical time of choice; will you step into your unfolding destiny and awaken to your True Self or allow fear and doubt to pull you back into the patterns of the past?

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CVM Update

It has always been our aim to provide a resource that will act as a beacon of light to illuminate the pathway for all those seeking greater truth and spiritual empowerment. In the past we have done this through the CVM Diploma Course, however it now feels important to package what we offer into a different format that will be more immediately accessible to a greater number of people. Our new website, currently under construction, will reflect this shift in emphasis, however until this is available please watch this space for more information.


Crystal Herbs

If you would like to find out more about Bach Flower Remedies, or Flower Essences, you can find information, support and advice on the Crystal Herbs Site, together with a wonderful range of handmade essences.


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