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Friday, 7 March 2008

The power of love
The power of love

Here’s a little experiment to try:- next time you are sitting in a traffic queue make a space for someone waiting to get in to the queue with love in your heart and watch what happens. I do this often and have observed that nine times out of ten the person I let in will then pass on the love by letting in someone else waiting to get into the traffic stream. Observing how powerful this simple act of loving-kindness can be, reminds me just how important unconditional love is, not only in our relationships with others but also in the relationship we have with ourself.

So at the beginning of each day take time out to really value yourself and to bring all the aspects of yourself together into the love in your heart – particularly those aspects that you have difficulty accepting. This simple act of kindness to yourself sets the vibration for the whole of your day and will act as a magnet to draw in those things that also vibrate with appreciation & love. As you go about your day spread this vibration to everyone you come across; love is contagious – it spreads easily and almost without anyone noticing. If we all made a point to do this on a regular basis our world would change for the better very quickly.

May you each be blessed with loving kindness in your life.


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