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Friday, 2 May 2008

Magical May & the Violet Flame
Magical May & the Violet Flame

May is always a magical month but this year it is an extra special time, as we have two Wesak Moons - which means that we have two full moons while the sun is in the sign of Taurus - the first was on April 20th and the second will be on May 19th. The festival of Wesak is held each year on the Taurus full moon and is a celebration of the Buddha's gift of wisdom and enlightenment to the Earth. The period of time between these two full moons this year is especially potent for spiritual activity and we are being offered extra help during this special time from both St Germain and Mother Mary. So that full advantage can be taken of this great gift Lightworkers everywhere are being asked to connect with the new higher frequencies of Violet Flame that are being made available to us now so that they can be anchored fully onto the Earth. Find out more about this wonderful transformational gift and also how to receive Mother Mary's May blessings of Love from Patricia Cota Robles current newsletter. Enjoy!


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