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Why Take a CVM Course?



Why take a course with the College of Vibrational Medicine?

There is certainly no shortage of holistic training courses on offer to the prospective student in today’s fast moving world. While this situation offers a wonderful range of choice it can also make it difficult to decide which course is the right one for you. Our advice to those we talk to in this situation is to look carefully at what the course offers on a practical level and then most importantly of all, listen to what their intuition is telling them. Everything has a particular resonance or vibrational frequency related to it and since like attracts like we will always magnetise into our lives those things that have a vibration that matches ours. In other words you will know at an intuitional level whether a particular course is the right one for you because it will feel right. We call this listening between the words. As you read through the following information about the courses that we offer at the College of Vibrational Medicine listen with your heart as well as your mind and we look forward to welcoming all those who feel a sympathetic resonance with what we offer.


Diploma Course

What you will get in brief:

Professional practitioner training leading to a recognized qualification.
An opportunity for personal growth and transformation
Part time training one weekend a month over 20 months
Extensive well balanced curriculum including in depth study of how to use Bach Flower remedies and a wide selection of other flower, gem & crystal essences.
Supportive group environment
Experienced Tutors
All the help and support you need to become a practitioner

More information about our Diploma Course


One day or weekend workshops

These courses provide:

A general over view of vibrational medicine
An opportunity to find out more about flower, gem & crystal essences and how they can be used to enhance your everyday life.
An opportunity to share a fun informal day with others of a like mind.
A chance to discover whether you would like to take the CVM diploma course.

More information and dates for our Workshops


To find out more about our Vibrational Medicine Courses please call us -
0845 478 6373

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