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Humanities Unfolding Destiny

The evolutionary flow of life is demanding that we grow into our responsibilities as co creators of our world and remember how to live as a community that respects life and the laws and principles of the universe. This means that we must assimilate and embody a whole new understanding about the way life works and our place within it, recognising that we are an integral part of life rather than a separate unit that must fight other units for existence.

New Understandings

The new science of the twentieth century has gradually revealed to us that our belief in a world of solid matter over which we have no influence has absolutely no basis in truth. This has also been the message of all the great spiritual masters and teachers down the ages. Although the language of description varies, the truth that we hear from all of these sources is that our universe is comprised of a massive field of interconnected fluid energy. Everything that we know as life, including ourselves, is created from and held within this incredible matrix of conscious living energy. We as humans are continuously and unconsciously interacting with this matrix of energy, shaping and reshaping the fabric of life to create our individual and collective realities.

Despite the fact that scientific proof has been available for some time, as yet the great majority of people have not recognised the magnitude of what this actually means, either for themselves as individuals or for humanity as a whole. So currently old beliefs based on incorrect assumptions persistently and pervasively continue to limit our ability to move into the next stage of human evolution.

Waking Up

One reason for this is that we have learned extremely well how to see ourselves as separate from our environment and our Creator. In general we still have our focus riveted on the material world where the personality and the left-brain mind are the rulers. Until we acknowledge our spiritual nature and reach out in our consciousness to unite with our true Self we will not be able to evolve. Our true Self exists in the fluid realms of creation beyond the material plane and sustains and supports our physical existence. Now, as we move into the flow of Aquarian Age energy the veils that have contributed to the illusion of separation between one realm of existence and another are thinning and the quantum worlds of higher consciousness are literally pushing into our everyday awareness, instigating a process often rather aptly described as ‘waking up’. It is increasingly important that we stay ‘awake’ to the messages from our true Self and learn to integrate with the higher worlds of wisdom and light so that we can collectively create a new reality on our planet based on true universal principles.

Vibrational Essences are exactly the tools that we need to help us with this process of change. Gently but powerfully they can help us transform the limitations of old unconscious patterning and strengthen the energetic foundations that enable us to build a strong connection with our true Self. They also act as powerful reminders to the body of its blueprint of wholeness and will enable it to more easily assimilate the ever-increasing amounts of light that are becoming a part of our everyday reality.


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