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The CVM Practitioner Association is an important aspect of the work of the College of Vibrational Medicine. Membership is open to all successful graduates of the diploma course and everyone is encouraged to join whether or not they immediately intend to become active practitioners. In this way we are able to ensure ongoing support for all our practitioners as they develop and expand their work. 

The Practitioner Association provides the structure for supportive group meetings and further training or information days as they become appropriate. In addition members have access to the Association Internet Forum provided

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through the College website which provides excellent facilities for networking information and ideas as well as an opportunity to advertise their services to the public.


Find a CVM Trained Practitioner in your Area

Find a Practitioner

If you would like help from a CVM trained practitioner, why not find a local practitioner from our Practitioner listing! All the practitioners that you can find on this list have passed the CVM two year diploma course and wish to offer their services to the public.


Practitioner Association member Public Talks & Workshops

CVM Practitioner Association members often offer talks or workshops to the public, and you can find up and coming Association Member events listed below:-

More Events coming soon


To find out more about the Practitioner Association, you can contact us here
0845 478 6373


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