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Find a Flower Essence Practitioner
in the South East

Here you can find CVM trained Flower Essence Practitioners offering their services in the South East. This area includes - Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, Hampshire, Middlesex, Surrey.


Mobile therapist with home visits in the North Kent area, offering Flower/Gem Essences for emotional/mental/spiritual growth. Consultations available either by phone or in person. Also offers Aromatherapy Massage, Reflexology and Gaia Healing. Catherine Evola
Dip. CVM, Eternal Light Healer. I.T.E.C.

You can Contact Catherine here -
Email - Tel - 01474 703832

Location - Kent > New Barn > DA3

I offer Flower, Gem & Crystal Essence Therapy, Eternal Light Gaia Healing and Crystal Light Bed Therapy (from John of Godís healing centre in Brazil). I am currently working from; The Hale Clinic, 7 Park Crescent, London, W1. 0207 631 0156. Website Faye Sorbet
BA Hons, Dip CVM, Dip HC, MIPTI.

You can Contact Faye here -
Email - Tel - 01323 731653 / 07931 664341. 

Location - East Sussex > Eastbourne > BN20

As an Essence Practitioner and Gaia Healer I'm passionate about empowering people. I offer face-to-face consultations in Hove, East Sussex and worldwide on the phone. I've worked with clients to: support major career changes, achieve more fulfilling relationships, release limiting physical conditions, clarify life purpose, ... more Nikki Wyatt
Dip. CVM

You can Contact Nikki here -
Email - Tel - 01273 77 33 24 Website

Location - East Sussex > Hove / Brighton > BN3

I work part time as a sleep technician at the Sleep Disorders Centre in East Grinstead, which is affiliated to the Queen Victoria Hospital, diagnosing and treating various sleep disorders including apnoea, narcolepsy, cataplexy, insomnia and restless leg syndrome. I run weekly relaxation and meditation groups and use .. MoreKaren Cottle

You can Contact Karen here -
Email - Tel - 01342 317734 

Location - West Sussex > East Grinstead > RH19

Maggie works in the Sussex/Surrey area and practices in Vibrational Medicine including Bach Flower Remedies, Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences, Energy Patterning of DNA, Quantum Touch Healing, & Eternal Light Healing. She is also a BAHA registered healer. Maggie Walton Thenet
Dip CVM, Eternal Light Healer, DNA Energy Practitioner, Quantum Touch Practitioner.

You can Contact Maggie here -
Email - Tel - 01403 241984  

Location - West Sussex > Horsham > RH12

I offer Vibrational Medicine consultations, Reiki, Crystal & Sound Healing sessions and meditation groups. I work from home but am also willing to travel.Sankhara
Dip. CVM, Usui Reiki Master

You can Contact Sankhara here -
Email - Tel - 01252 844246.

Location - Hampshire > Hartley Witney, RG27

Flower and Gem Essence Practitioner Reiki/Seichim - Karuna- Terra Mai - Annubis to master level in all Bowen Technique Reflexology Indian head massage Holistic massage Neuro-linguistic- programming EMF balancing technique levels 1-8 I teach Reiki up to all levels and also run many workshops on self development. I work out of Ruislip - Uxbridge - BeaconsfieldMary Ciampini

You can Contact Mary here -
Email - Tel - 01895 636689 or 07989 053 292

Location - Middlesex > Ruislip > HA4

GAIA Foundation Initiations/Attunements Workshops: As an Eternal Lightģ GAIA Master, I work with the purest of Universal Energies to bring the whole body back into its natural balance: physically, mentally and emotionally. GAIA is a gentle yet a powerful tool available to develop our potential in all areas of our lives. More Miriam  J Jivram 
Dip CVM. Psy Bsc, Eternal Light Gaia Master

You can Contact Miriam here -
Email - Tel - 020 8287 0663 or 079 500 18 564

Location - Surrey > Surbiton > KT5 or Kingston > KT2

I offer Flower and Crystal Essence Therapy, Healing and Spiritual Counselling sessions. I work from home, often by telephone. I am a practitioner member of the BFVEA, and a member of the British Association of Dowsers.Michael Rolls
Dip.CVM, B.Sc(Eng.), PhD,

You can Contact Michael here -
Email - Tel 020 8642 2513

Location - Surrey > Sutton > SM2

Currently working from home. I donít practise massage any more but obviously where itís useful, when I am giving healing, I know exactly what to do if and when itís needed Ė i.e. to alleviate tension in the body etc. I practise healing (Gaia, plus other planetary rays in the Eternal Light system), make up flower and gem remedies.. more Jacqui Ricketts
Dip CVM, ITEC (A&P, Massage), Eternal Light Healer

You can Contact Jacqui here -
Email - Tel - 0208 876 7360

Location - Surrey > Kew > Richmond > TW9

I work from home in Walton-in-Thames and offer Vibrational Medicine Treatments as well as Eternal Light Healing sessions. Liz Signolet
Dip. CVM, Eternal Light Healer.

You can Contact Liz here -
Tel - 01932 242707.  Fax - 01932 243596

Location - Surrey > Walton-on-Thames > KT12

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