GAIA Foundation Initiations/Attunements Workshops:
As an Eternal Light® GAIA Master, I work with the purest of Universal Energies to bring the whole  body back into its natural balance: physically, mentally and emotionally.
GAIA is a  gentle yet a powerful tool available to develop our potential in all areas of our lives. Learn how to use GAIA for healing yourself and others, and how GAIA can be used in everyday situations to transform our  lives. GAIA is a wonderful gift we could ever bestow on ourselves!
I aim to provide high quality training. My workshops are small and friendly so that all students are guarantee personal attention and support.
As a High Vibrational Practitioner I also work with Bach Flower Remedies, Crystal, Gem  and Inner Child Essences and many more;  all of  these are wonderful tools that help us  to empower ourselves and others. I am blessed with this gift and I  endeavour to keep myself as pure as one can be,  to channel the purest of energy to empower myself and others.
I also run regular free Bach flower talks and a support group once a month.