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Vibrational Medicine

What is Vibrational Medicine?

The use of pure vibrational natural frequencies to create, balance, harmony & unity in body, mind & spirit

A simple definition for Vibrational Medicine is; the use of energies or vibrational frequencies to restore or maintain good health in an individual.

Vibrational Medicine is a spiritual science, meaning that it is based on a balanced philosophy that encompasses both scientific and spiritual principals. Currently it is commonly categorised as complementary or alternative medicine, because the philosophy upon which it is based does not support the prevailing conventional view of ourselves and our world. Instead it recognises the understandings of Einstein and today’s leading edge quantum physicists that energy and matter are both forms of the same thing vibrating at different speeds. From this perspective we can see that everything that exists is actually a form of vibrating energy including our physical bodies and it becomes obvious why the basic tools of vibrational medicine are simply different vibrational frequencies.  Some of the most effective vibrational frequencies for this work come from the natural pharmacy of Mother Nature and at the College of Vibrational Medicine our primary focus is on the use of vibrational frequencies taken from flowers, gems, crystals and minerals made into essences and taken orally.

Although this way of working might appear to be relatively new it is in fact, part of a very ancient system of healing, the knowledge of which is now resurfacing as we reach a level of collective consciousness that will again support its use. The 38 flower remedies that Dr. Bach developed in the UK during the 1930’s are perhaps the most well known modern day example of this revival and have helped to lay the foundations for the growth that has taken place in this field over more recent years.

Vibrational Medicine is an important part of our future and will eventually form the basis of 21st century medicine as the understandings upon which it is based become accepted as mainstream.

 'There is no true healing without a change in consciousness’


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